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How do I sign up for lessons?

Interested in taking one-on-one lessons? That’s fantastic! All new potential clients (even local) must do a free 15 minute consultation via zoom, FaceTime or facebook video messenger. This allow us time to get to know each other better and just chat about your goals. You can either sign up by filling out the contact sign up form or emailing me directly at

Do I have to take weekly lessons?

No, I have some clients that take twice a month or even just monthly. 

Currently I teach ages 14 and up. I am passionate about mentoring people who are curious about their voice or those that want to reconnect with their voice.

What ages do you teach?

Do you work with songwriters? 

Yes!! I love working with songwriters. Singer songwriters have the inner insight of what a song is really about and I love diving deeper with those clients to help them really share their emotion through their voice for performances or at the recording studio.

How can I learn more about you and your teaching philosophy? 

You can learn more about me by visiting the about page or by watching this video on YouTube.

How long will it take for me to see results?

This all depends on your goals and how often you decide to practice. Some folks see results right away and for others it can take more like 6 months or even longer for those goals that are requiring bigger changes with in ourselves. If you have been doing something for a certain way your entire life it will take time, dedication and a kind inner voice to see a real shift. This is why I am passionate about working with the entire singer as a person, not just trying to get the “quick fix”. I love helping people connect to their authentic voice allowing the singer to really develop their own artistry.

What does it cost? And do you offer any discounts or scholarships? 

There are many options at RVS for lesson. My best advice would be to visit the services page to see all your options. Currently there are no discounts or scholarships available but that is something coming in the future.

Why do you close in April, May and December?

Yes, my studio closes in April, May and December because I am also a mom and want to make sure I have dedicated time just for my family and also to make sure I have time to learn new things about the voice for my clients. I usually recommend my clients visit other recommended teachers for voice, piano or guitar during those times as it can be hard to for some folks to study multiple instruments at once.

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